Check Engine Light Codes (CEL)


To identify an existing fault, you will need to follow the following procedure. Please also note that the ECU light flashes to indicate the error code, the slow flashes which come first are the tens digits. The fast flashes that come second are the single digits. For example, an error code of 13 will be one slow flash and 3 quick flashes straight after the first flash, then their will be a short break and it will flash the sequence again.


Identify ECU Fault Code


ECU Reset


CEL Error Codes

Code Description Fault
11 Crank angle sensor Open or Short
12 Starter switch Open or Short
13 Cam angle sensor Open or Short
21 Water temperature sensor Open or Short
22 Knock sensor Open or Short
23 Air flow sensor Open or Short
24 ISC valve Open or Short
31 Throttle position sensor Open or Short
32 O2 sensor Open or Short
33 Speed sensor Open or Short
38 AT torque down request Open or Short
44 Supercharging oppression output Open or Short
45 Atmospheric pressure sensor/

Absolute pressure change solenoid

Open or Short
61 Inhalation valve solenoid Open or Short
62 Exhaust valve solenoid (vacuum) Open or Short
63 Supercharging pressure relief valve solenoid Open or Short
64 Secondary waste gate solenoid Open or Short
65 Differential pressure sensor Open or Short
66 Sequential turbo system No rise in pressure or pressure excessive (Over boost)
67 Exhaust valve solenoid (positive pressure) Open or Short
68 Exhaust valve duty solenoid Open or Short

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25 February 2008